Husqvarna released a new generation of electric mountain bicycle

Husqvarna, the “handle” of the off -road motorcycle circle, this century -old motorcycle brand from Northern Europe has recently released its new carbon fiber electric mountain bike -Mountain Cross MC6.

Electric mountain bike Cross MC6 adopts a new frame design. EP8 motors are installed on the frame by specially developed C -shaped carbon brackets to ensure that the vehicle maintains a lower center of gravity and obtains more controllable and flexible geometry. The vehicle is equipped with the SHIMANO EP8 midfield motor system and the 720 WH large -capacity battery, and the vehicle weighs 23kg.

Mountain Cross MC6 has a 150mm shock absorbing itinerary. High -modular carbon fiber frame increases comfort, 450mmReach, 65.5 ° head tube angle, and more upright 77 ° seat tube angle, equipped with a 29/27.5 hybrid wheel diameter, relatively high high ones, which are relatively high. Stack value, in geometric design, MC6 pays more attention to improving the fun of the vehicle riding, aiming to bring more control confidence and stronger climbing ability to the riders.

Unlike the concepts of integrated motors from the current integrated motor to the frame, Husqvarna has more reference to the manufacturing experience of motorcycles, and the unique “parallel motor” chassis design stood out. The motor chassis designs parallel to the frame tube of the frame, the tilt motor can make room for new batteries in the lower tube and place it as low as possible to reduce the center of gravity. The official claims that the new chassis design reduces the deformation in the acceleration process -eventually prevented energy loss and optimized the conversion of stepping on the power.

The battery can be easily removed by opening the bottom cabin. There is a shock -absorbing damping design inside the battery to protect the battery from external impact vibration. The previous vertical rear shock avoidance was also changed to penetrating horizontal design, which freely free up the front triangle of the frame.

A complete exposed motor can emit heat from each surface to bring better heat dissipation effects. More power output will bring more calories, the motor is the case, and the battery is also the same. Husqvarna Mountain Cross MC6 is designed with a formal grille in the frame head tube and the side. Essence The natural air -cooled calorie management allows cold air to run through free flow from the inside of the frame, thereby taking away the calories emitted by motors and batteries.

Overall, the appearance of Husqvarna Mountain Cross MC6 has brought new design concepts to the ever -changing electric assistance industry, and the new development geometry is also more friendly. How do you think this “motorcycle prince” is a cross -border. What about it?

Is 340 kilometers enough to crush your battery anxiety?

Battery anxiety crusher Swiss brand OPIUM releases two long-range battery boosters

Swiss start-up electric bicycle brand OPIUM launched two long-range electric bicycles 6.0 and 4.0 this summer, with a cruising range of about 340 kilometers.

Both OPIUM 6.0 and 4.0 are equipped with 850W motors, and the difference between the two models is the drivetrain and body accessories. OPIUM can be said to be full of skill points for cruising range. Both models have a braking energy recovery function, which can convert part of the energy during braking into electricity for power again. What’s more, OPIUM can install two fast batteries. Both 6.0 and 4.0 have a standard 1670Wh battery. In addition, users can also choose a 470Wh battery, which is also the focus of achieving 340 kilometers of battery life.