French startup Gouach claims to have developed the first repairable lithium-ion battery pack for electric-assist bicycles

French startup Gouach claims to have developed the world’s first mass-produced e-bike with replaceable and repairable lithium-ion batteries that can be fully repaired in less than 10 minutes.

Batteries on the market today can simply be recycled by simply replacing all the battery cells inside the battery compartment and spot welding all new batteries together in the same configuration, rather than trying to replace a single faulty battery, which results in about 80% of The battery was scrapped prematurely.

The current “melting” or “shredding” form of recycling can only recover 50%-70% of battery raw materials respectively, which is obviously not the best way to deal with it. And Gouach launched a more ideal battery recycling program. The company claims that the innovative battery developed by itself has been patented for spot welding technology and intelligent battery management system BMS. Once a battery failure is identified, it can be safely replaced within 10 minutes with just a screwdriver.

Gouach said that for safety reasons, only the Gouach technical team is allowed to carry out battery repairs, and the next step will be to establish a repair network.

Rick Adams as new CEO of LeMond Bicycles

LeMond Bicycles recently announced Rick Adams as the company’s new CEO. Rick Adams has over 30 years of sports management experience, having previously worked for the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee for 11 years.

LeMond Bicycles was founded by American car legend Greg LeMond. Greg LeMond was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia last month.

In the past two years, LeMond Bicycles has mainly focused on the field of electric bicycles, and has successively released two urban-style carbon fiber e-bike, Dutch and Prolog.

Greg LeMond said: “We design bikes that have the power to change entire industries and the lives of cyclists, and the addition of Rick Adams at this time will ensure we build a company that can serve an important market.

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French Ateliers HeritageBike Releases Electric Power Mountain Bike Heritage Altitude eMTB

French e-bike brand Ateliers HeritageBike aims to harmoniously unify the most advanced technology, craftsmanship and French luxury.

The Heritage Altitude, released by the brand this year, is the first e-bike mountainbike to feature a French Valeo 130Nm motor and an Effigear integrated 7-speed automatic transmission. This also makes this car completely unnecessary to install the rear derailleur.

The Heritage Altitude has an eye-catching vintage motorcycle look complemented by an elegant enamel finish and a vintage nameplate on top.

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Higo provides the ultimate connector solution for fully integrated routing

The trend toward fully integrated wiring in e-bike designs is in full swing, leading Higo, the leading electric bicycle connector manufacturer, to introduce the smallest line of signal connectors on the market. This new series of micro M is designed for connections such as displays, switches, actuators and sensors, and its main feature is the use of crimp contacts instead of soldered contacts.

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Decathlon launches Magic Bike concept electric bicycle

Decathlon recently released a new concept electric bicycle Magic Bike, “using innovative technology to help commuters in the present and the future”, which attracted the attention of many people for a while.

Decathlon said that safety, simplicity and ease of use are the characteristics of Magic Bike, which adopts a futuristic integrated design appearance, with strong connectivity and automation functions. The Magic Bike uses a mid-mounted motor, and a fully enclosed belt drive. Featuring a modular integrated battery, three batteries with a range of 19, 37 or 56 miles can be combined in any combination.

The bike can be locked or unlocked automatically when the owner approaches, and the bike will also be automatically locked when the chainstays are lowered.

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